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I'm afraid of Americans...I'm afraid of the world

I'm afraid I can't help it...I'm afraid I can't...

Sly Gemini
24 May
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A frontal lobotomy or a bottle in front of me...

They say, hey, that's really something
They feel he should get some time
I say he should watch his ass, my friend
Don't listen to the crowd
They say jump

Got to believe somebody...David Bowie

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Date Created:2010-10-08
Number of Posts: 171

Jonnysinamerica is a token Gemini (with a Sagittarius moon and Cancer rising). He has lived in "Fabulous" Las Vegas for 4.5 years, which he has a love/hate relationship with. He originates from Colorado Springs, CO. He is a city boy.
He is not ashamed to call himself completely insane. He involves himself in all sorts of crazy situations without even trying. He lives a life of complete chaos, and no one even attempts to understand it. Not even him.

He is bisexual with an equally insane Taurus boyfriend and a more stable Cancer wife. He is expecting his first child, a son, in August.

He does very little with his time, as he is not a happy person. He is attempting to change that, but life always gets in his way.
Strengths: communicative, loyal, intelligent, musical, talkative, innovative, creative, humorous, resourceful, caring, compassionate, good listener, empathic, sympathetic, excellent grammarian
Weaknesses: easily depressed, sarcastic, blunt, angry, resentful, poor, unmotivated, anxious, impatient, intolerant, lazy, alcoholic
Special Skills: astrology, writing, communicating, creating music, singing, playing guitar and piano, song lyric writing, poetry, humor
Weapons: razor sharp wit and ability to never be outwitted or manipulated, empathy
Life's Mottos: "Hope for the best and expect nothing."

"Life sucks and then you die, so what the fuck, let's all get high!"

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What I am, what I want I'm only out to get

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